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necessary details for the stage


Any image for the stage will be incomplete without beautiful jewelry. Important! It should not be excessively shivery, it is enough that it is bright and shiny. Complete your image with a white jacket on your nails, to give your fingers length and grace, and your image is ready!
What should I bring besides a suit and jewelry?
- Warm blanket. At competitions, waiting usually takes a long time. Often in sports complexes it is quite cool, take a small blanket with you, it will be warmer for you, and it is also possible to lie down if something happens.
- Storage bag. It is always better to store a swimsuit and costume jewelry in a special bag, it is good and convenient to collect everything in one place for keeping the shape.
- Sweet and mineral water. You always need something to load up before going out, and mineral water is said to be useful to use after the competition. Helps to normalize the water-salt balance after draining the water

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