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Fitmodel category
Dresses are my dreams, but I tame them, and they leave the realm of dreams, become things that can be put on and worn.
In this section you can get acquainted with our works presented mainly on our clients. Live photos best show the accuracy of landing on different girls. Most of the products are sewn remotely.
All our dresses are of very high quality:
  • they always have all the seams insulated
  • there is a soft lining so as not to bring you trouble with injuring the skin on the sharp edges of the sequins and not cause irritation. Strong scratches cannot be hidden even with makeup!
  • the fit of the product is always individual and provides various "chips" so that the dress emphasizes the advantages and hides the disadvantages
Price up to 564 euro
Price up to 774 euro
They differ in a small number of rhinestones
Price up to 887 euro
Abundant arrangement of rhinestones on the chest and slit
Price up to 1050 euro
Abundant arrangement of rhinestones on the chest and slit
Exclusivity and luxury
Designer dresses
All the dresses in this catalog are the author's works of the brand M'DINA BRAND and are created by our chief designer - Dina Khimchinskaya.
These are unique works that are performed in a single instance and are never repeated in a 100% copy.
Any copying of photos and copies of the design is a violation of copyright law.
Exclusive tailoring
Our brand offers the service of exclusive tailoring and designing a dress for you. The cost of such a dress starts from 65,000 rubles.
The work includes:
- development of a sketch for the client (it can be presented in any form from which the client can clearly understand what is offered to him for production);
- selection of materials and textures, rhinestones, lace, etc. materials, as well as their purchase;
- the product has a unique character, has not been previously performed for anyone and will not be shown, copied or performed for another person during one competitive season, but no more than six months after the manufacture of the product. Cancellation of the competition or not going on stage is not a reason for extending this period, after six months the product can be re-executed or published on the public pages of the brand;
- the brand has the right to post photos of the finished product on all its public pages after the client enters the stage in this product until the end of the competition

winter's collection 2021
"My Queens"
A dress for the Queen or how
the "MY QUEENS" collection appeared
"I've always wanted to create a dress based on fairy tales and historical summaries about the Great women of the world. I'm sure it takes a lot of effort to succeed. As a designer, I am happy that I help each of my customers become brighter, more noticeable, stronger. Our dresses are as if they are alive, each is endowed with its own meaning and charged with a piece of my soul. Sharing with you energetically strong products, I believe that they will bring success! Good luck to you, my QUEENS"

Chief designer of the brand "M'DINA BRAND, DINA
New pen technique and a chic cut
There is a general similarity in the MY QUEENS collection: a chic layout along the cut on the leg and an emphasis on a rounded chest. We have specially placed rhinestones on the chest in an intricate pattern, something resembling the plumage of a bird. Due to this accent, the chest looks more rounded. We gave elegance to the image due to the design of the cut. The cut is designed in the form of a petal or an elongated line somewhat resembling an octopus tentacle (this is the name this drawing got "octopus"). Visually, this arrangement of rhinestones stretches the leg and reduces the long body, thereby correcting your proportions.

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